Saturday, March 28, 2015

Greenland Tower

Carnelian Beads (Art Museum for kids and adults) @farrellhamann on Twitter

I'm leaving sex and violence out of my novel which is about xx/17th completed. DONE I don't understand sex and violence is icky. Story is about love and kissy. Closest thing in there to "violence" is Calvin being chased out of the public (watchout here for typos) salt lick by cougars (puma) who really just want Calvin to throw their darn tennis ball. The Public Salt Lick (please be considerate) and small airfield and hanger is owned by Snake who is that rare dude actually born in the back of his own truck!


Hamann family motto
Hang higher than a Hamann!
I had to ice down the danglers for this shot

Symbol for homophobia at Bobcat's wife's church, a rotten, wormy apple with bird shit on it. Greenland Tower xoxo

Sugar, California

The Exalted One, AKA Bo Dogly, AKA Old Butthairs

below, a cool short story and an anti-suicide message Do it for kids and art! Donate

Infested with Cougars (Puma)

This book is gay-friendly
Lots of Airplanes and Aviation!
Very funny
A goldmine of a book!
Haute couture 
The most beautiful women!
The sassy Frenchman
The billionaires
The Mojave Desert
The Cessna Grand Caravan
The de Havilland Buffalo
Prehistoric cookie!
Rye, New York
So mote it be!

+Farrell Hamann 

Need agent and publisher
No claim jumpers, please.

Did I forget French pastry?
Maple Sugar Man
British Sovereigns!
Best ever
Olentangy River

Mata Hari